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Welcome To Werzalit Tabletops


Eden Furniture are one of the main UK distributors of Werzalit Tabletops that are designed and manufactured for the Leisure & Hospitality Industries.


Werzalit Tabletops - Attractive Designs - Impressive Craftsmanship


So what is a 'Werzalit Tabletop?

Good question and a great place to start if you have not encountered these excellent tops before. Werzalit tabletops are manufactured with a recycled wood chip core that is strongly bonded together with a high resin content before a smooth closed film is homogenously pressed onto it. The tops are made in a mould which ensures that the core is sealed and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors as they are weatherproof and UV resistant. The finished surface is easy to clean and satisfies the hygiene requirements of the catering industry. They are practically impervious to mechanical, thermal and chemical influences and are heat resistant to 180 degree centigrade.


Are these tops hard wearing?

Yes - The durability of werzalit table tops satisfies the requirements of DIN EN 438 for kitchen work surfaces. However, they are not infinitely scratch-proof. Hard, rough, sharp-edged or mineral based objects, such as metal, stoneware or unglazed porcelain can cause irreparable scratches and scrapes on the table tops. However, this does not impair their usability or long service life.


What colours and designs can I have?

The films are available in a wide range of modern and traditional colours and designs and we are now even able to offer individual design solutions so that you can personalise your very own tabletops.  


Anything else I need to know?

WERZALIT table tops that are exposed to significant amounts of sunlight can temporarily deform into a concave shape. The corners bend upward and the middle downward. As a preventive measure to counteract this change in shape, the table tops have been produced with a slightly convex shape. When the table tops are used, this deformation recedes such that it is hardly noticeable at all. For locations exposed to extensive sunlight, we recommend choosing lighter decors or our Classic design with dark border but with a matching light decor in the centre of the table top. Dark table tops with larger square and rectangular dimensions heat up so much under heavy sunlight that the resulting deformation is irreparable. These table tops should only be used in shaded areas. In other words, WERZALIT table tops are never quite perfectly flat. Due to the pre-stressing described above, their suitability for grouping together into larger table surfaces is limited. Also, the tabletops should never be stored upside down outdoors as the edge shape prevents water from running off.


If you click on the links on the left you can view the tops in their own unique categories. If you click HERE you can download the current Werzalit Tabletop Brochure. The size of the brochure is 6.2mb and is in PDF Format (Adobe required to view. Click HERE if you do not have Adobe Reader)


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